Guidelines for Hawaiian Village Neighborhood Watch

  1. Get acquainted with your neighbors.
    • Exchange names, addresses and phone numbers with your neighbors.
    • Know your neighbor's automobiles.
  2. Post the address numbers of your residence where they can be readily seen from the street. Use fluorescent numbers if possible.
  3. Keep a written inventory of your possessions.
  4. Call the police/sheriff's office when you observe suspicious persons or activity.
    • Have emergency phone numbers readily available by the telephone.
    • Continue to observe the subject(s) and obtain a description as well as a mode and direction of travel. DO NOT confront the subjects.
    • Identify yourself to the police/sheriff communications operator as a Neighborhood Watch member.
  5. Give your neighbors your business and/or emergency phone number where you can be reached.
  6. Give your residence and neighborhood maximum visibility by keeping shrubbery neatly trimmed. Use exterior lighting.
  7. Take an active interest in your neighborhood.
    • Volunteer, organize and or attend Neighborhood Watch meetings.
    • Encourage your neighbors to be involved.
  8. Know whom your coordinators and/or block leaders/captains are and bring your concerns and suggestions to them.
  9. Keep in contact with your police department/sheriff's office crime prevention unit/team. Inform them about community concerns and the dates of your NHW meetings.
  10. REMEMBER: This is not a vigilante committee! You are the eyes and ears assisting the police making your neighborhood a safe place to live. This is YOUR neighborhood. Take an active interest in it!

    Thank you,
    HVLA Board of Directors


Hawaiian Village
Neighborhood Watch Manual

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