Fish, Fowl & Wildlife

Stocking, Shocking, and Removal

Our annual 2012 Fish fall lake stocking was at an estimate total of 800 each of 8-10 inch Catfish, they were fat and healthy! Bass will be stocked this spring 2013 with another follow up stocking of fish this fall 2013.

Our annual shocking and removal of "ROUGH" fish, mostly white perch and carp, was also completed this Spring 2013. A huge thank you goes out to the volunteers that assisted with this process.

Rough fish removal report for Hawaiian Village Lake (May 7, 2015)

My Son Mark just caught this 30 pound cat off his back lot of his house here in Hawaiian Village.

30 lbs, 38 inches long, 20ft off shore, 10 ft deep of water.

What a catch!

- Gene Kloewer


Fish, Foul and Wildlife Committee:

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