Hawaiian Village Safety Regulations

All members of Hawaiian Village Lake are responsible for ensuring that their children and guests understand and abide by the following rules. The intent of these rules is to provide a safe and enjoyable area for Hawaiian Village residents and guests. Some of these rules that refer to the lake are inapplicable to lots 169 through 190 unless they become guests or invitees of a lakeside lot member.


Guests must be accompanied by the Member of his/her family or those persons will be considered trespassers or trespassing fishermen, if that is the case.

Motorcycles & Motor Vehicles

Motorcycles will be restricted to residents and to driving to and from destination (used for transportation, not recreation or joyriding).

All motorcycles must have proper muffles in good operating condition and must be licensed.

Wheeled vehicles shall operate only on paved streets.

No motorized wheel vehicles are allowed on the dike.

All motor vehicles and operators must be in compliance with state laws.

Maximum vehicle speed limit is 25 mph.

ATV Safety and Alerts


All hunting and trapping is prohibited.

Use of firearms, BB guns and air rifles for target practice in Hawaiian Village is prohibited.


Pets shall be restricted to owner's lot or on leash or in control by owner. (Household pets only.)


Loud P.A. systems and loud radios shall not be permitted except for special occasions for a limited period with prior approval and permission from Members and Board.


Snowmobiles are subject to all applicable state laws. Please use common sense and courtesy when in operation.

Operating a snowmobile or ATV on another person's lot is prohibited unless permission is granted by the Owner of that lot. Operating a snowmobile on the commons area or dike is prohibited.

Snowmobiles and ATVs may be operated on ice. Operating a snowmobile across any skating area is prohibited. Guidelines as established by the Safety Committee shall be observed.

Operation of any of the above-mentioned vehicles in violation of the Safety Regulations or State Law will subject the owner/operator to a citation and court appearance.


All posted rules regarding general use, fees, reserved periods and restrictions must obeyed at all times. Permission for special occasions for a limited period of private use may be approved by the HVLA Board.


All posted rules regarding general use, fees, reserved periods or use must be obeyed at all times. Permission for special occasions for a limited period of private use may be approved if arranged in advance with appropriate committee.


Boats out of the water and boat trailers must be removed from the owners' property and Hawaiian Village common areas within 72 hours unless stored in a garage or in the designated storage area at the treatment plant. Exceptions may be granted by the Board or its representative under special circumstance.

The following rules apply to Lots 1 through 168:

SWIMMING: No swimming across the lake. 25 feet off shore will be reserved for swimming.

BOATS: Boats belonging to guests of Members are prohibited on the lake. (However, lakeside lot owners who are in the process of purchasing a boat may use the lake for a test period of one hour.)

No scuba diving outside the 25 foot swimmers' limit during weekends and holidays or when skiers are active.
All scuba divers must use flag and obey state laws, regardless of location.